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Stuffum Naturals

Vegan goods

• Product Illustration and Logo Design

Illustrating delicious baked goods for product lines based on healthy vegan and whey options.

Industry: Food & Drink

Ashley Easton, Owner and Creator started Stuffum Naturals in 2014 with the desire to create products that were unique, handcrafted, made with amazing ingredients, and balanced to fit into any healthy lifestyle. Starting in a shared commercial kitchen, she took the chance to launch her dreams. Now owning her own facility, her business can continue to grow and offer a variety of quality products.

Stuffum Naturals was created to serve as a bakery with FRESHLY made-to-order products, all of which are gluten-free and are available in Whey and Vegan options. With over 40% of customers being vegan, we have been more than happy to accommodate worldwide shipping.

From start to finish, the Stuffum team works tirelessly to offer consistently good products with fresh new launches that fit every taste bud! 

The project required illustrations for three of their upcoming products. (Protein Blondie, Fudge Brownie, Funfetti-Chip Cookie Dough) The research was focused on product illustrations that had characteristics that best harmonized with the established Stuffum Naturals logo and brand. The final labels were well-received and added a solid step in their visual brand cohesion to go alongside their healthy products. 

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