Shifting Tides Advanced

Tactics Card Game

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Shifting Tides Advanced is a tactics card game created in the summer of 2020 combining familiar gameplay with unique mechanics to create ever-changing battle conditions to conquer the field and achieve victory.

Industry: Gaming


Shifting Tides Advanced is a Homemade LARP Tactics Card Game where you and your opponents build your forces, strategize, and claim victory through tactical warfare. 

Simple mechanics combine into complex strategies in this tactical card game.

Carefully employ your allies to create formations that can adapt to any obstacle!

Build your deck around your favorite units to create the ultimate alliance.


Patron | Paladin | Warrior | Healer | Archer | Wizard | Scout | Bard

Monk | Druid | Assassin | Barbarian | Anti-Paladin | Monster


14 different categories of units with behaviors unique to their own paradigm.

  • Over 65 Unit cards to discover and ally.

  • Explore thousands of deck-building possibilities.

  • Assemble teams that work best for your favorite play styles!


Custom Artwork

Utlizing a combination of photo editing and digital illustration to create artwork for over 65 cards.

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By establishing a foundation of key core mechanics for players to explore, the focus then turns to creating modules to support and enhance user experience.