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Mimic Mart

Affordable wholesale LARP equipment

  • Wholesale partnership research

  • Brand exploration and art design

  • Website and landing page design

  • Icon design

  • Product visual design direction


Creating a website centered on providing affordable Live Action Roleplay equipment for a large range of audiences from fantasy to historical.

Industry: Game & Hobby | eCommerce


Mimic Mart reached out because they wanted to build a website that brought honest, affordable LARP wholesale product vendors in one place to accessible LARP equipment for all ranges.

By utilizing graphic familiarity within the gaming community, we were able to appeal to target potential customers by creating many sets of icons and narrowed down categories to provide an approachable atmosphere for clients.

The result is an easy-to-navigate inventory showcasing products in the best light, positioning them as strong manufacturers in their hobby space and promoting the distributors they represent.

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