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Hot Pot Cuisine

• Menu Design
• Print Flyers Graphics

Social Media Graphics

Designing digital and print collateral for an established Chinese hot pot restaurant in Orlando, Florida.

Industry: Food & Drink

Shifts to Take-Out

In response to the effects on all businesses during COVID-19, Hotto Potto promoted their Takeout Menus to social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook.

HottoPotto is a restaurant in Orlando, Florida that specializes in hot pot cuisine made with fresh ingredients. They have successfully integrated the delicious flavor culture of Chinese hot pot into their dishes, attracting tourists and locals alike. The restaurant has a prime location and is known for its unique and traditional Chinese hot pot dishes.


To enhance the restaurant's appeal, they have combined Eastern and Western design elements in their decor, which has helped to draw more positive attention to their mascot while keeping the focus on their amazing food.